Thursday, June 30, 2016

First Friends (1973)

Let's Share With Others (1950)

The Penwiper (1926)

How To Be Well Groomed (1949)

Chaucer's England (1958)

Joan Avoids A Cold (1947)

Gateways To The Mind (1958)

Buying Food (1950)

To Hear Your Banjo Play (1947)

Year 1999 AD (1967)

Mole And The Matchbox (1975)

Mole And The Music (1976)

Mole And The Bulldozer (1975)

Mole And The Rocket (1973)

Your Friend The Soil (1954)

Your Friend The Forest (1954)

Pompeii And Vesuvius (1950)

Square Dancing (1950s)

Squeak The Squirrel (1957)

Look Inside Yourself (1970s)

Brothers And Sisters (1953)

The Great American Chocolate Factory

Johnny Appleseed (1948)

Ding Dong School (1953)

What To Do On A Date (1950)

The Talking Car (1969)

The Door To Heaven (1941)

Soldier With Big Feet (1950s)

Soapy The Germ Fighter (1951)

Private Life Of A Cat (1947)

School For Ted (1964)

Body Care And Grooming (1948)

Mystery Of Time (1957)

Why Doesn't Cathy Eat Breakfast? (1972)

We Learn About The Telephone (1965)

Pop Goes The Whistle (1960)

Lunchroom Manners (1959)

Keep Off The Grass (1969)

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? (1958)

Santa Claus Punch And Judy (1948)

Super Circus (1950s)

Frances And Her Rabbit (1958)

About Bananas (1935)

Goldilocks And The Three Bears (1958)

Purely Coincidental (1970)

Down And Out (1971)

A Fish Family (1957)

The Right Of Respect (1973)

Behind The Scenes At The Supermarket (1958)

The Body Human - Facts For Girls (1980)

Balance Beam For Girls (1971)

Girls Are Better Than Ever (1967)

Art Of Cake Decorating (1970s)

Great Silence (1976)

Reading, Writing, And Reefer (1979)

VD Is For Everybody (1970s)

Know For Sure (1941)

Telephone And Telegraph (1946)

The Wonder Of Our Body (1958)

The Town And The Telephone (1950s)

Man On The Land (1951)

Making Ends Meet (1942)

The Rapture (1941)

1970s America Bicentennial Animation

Our Mr. Sun (1956)

Skipper Learns A Lesson (1952)

If Mirrors Could Speak (1976)

Who Cares? (1968)

Let My People Live (1938)

Arranging The Tea Table (1946)

Match Your Mood (1968)

And So They Live (1940)

Art Portrays a Changing World: Gothic to Early Renaissance (1963)

Europe In Transition: The Late Middle Ages (1963)

Art - People - Feelings (1970)

Almost Everyone Does (1970)

Pas de deux (1969)

Ro-Revus Talks About Worms (1971)

1948 Weddings

Flowers At Work (1956)

Hidden Harvest (1944)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Clothes We Wear (1954)

Hoppy The Bunny (1953)

Seasonal Changes In Trees (1949)

Light For All (1923)

Chumming With Chipmunks (1921)

Human Behavior (1971)

Bushmen Of The Kalahari (1975)

Strange Creatures Of The Night (1973)

Dive To The Edge Of Creation (1979)

Living Treasures Of Japan (1980)

Silk Makers Of Japan (1961)

About Stitchery (1969)

The Remote Is In Your Hand

Playing Together (1968)

The Mysteries Of Life

Great Nutrition Turn-On

Mole And The Chewing Gum (1969)

Butterfly With Four Birthdays (1965)

Have You Got Any Castles? (1938)